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Oscar McDevitt 

Oscar started his journey as a tattooist at the start of 2013.  He loves everything about tattoo culture and tries his hardest to contribute to it by producing the best work he can!

Oscar specialises in black and grey realism and tries to put his own unique twist on it thinking a lot about placement, contrast and flow.

Feel free to pop in to the studio if you would like to meet Oscar and chat with him about your tattoo ideas. 

Diego Molina 

Diego was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has left his home town to chase his dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

He travelled around Argentina, and Europe, where he worked alongside some of the best artists in the world.

He is a perfectionist, loves doing portraits and black and grey realism is his favourite style, but he is great in colour designs too!    

When he isn't tattooing, he likes to exercise and enjoys training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Feel free to pop in to the studio if you would like to meet Diego and find out more about his work.

"Jonny" Renato de Araujo Rodrigues 

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Jonny was once a professional singer. Singing in a well know rock band in Brazil, he appeared numerous times in TV programs, on festivals and headlined concerts. The biggest crowd he ever sang for was 80 000 people!!! Renato, as that's his original name, started tattooing about 9 years ago, at first learning in shops in Brazil and then working in a few places in Europe, including Ibiza. Jonny loves freehanding big Japanese pieces, he can design a cool full color traditional or new skull tattoo, and does a great mandalas too. No need to say, that he is great in black and grey realism too. Very creative, and versatile artist.

There is a link to Jonny singing in a popular Brazilian tv program:



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Mate Valuch 

Mate, originally from Hungary came to work with us after seeing our advertisement when we were looking for guest artists. He came to do a guest spot in our studio, and liked Glasgow(and hopefully us too ;)) so much that he decided to join us full time! Happy days!

Tattooing has been a big part of Mate's life since he finished high school. He has been tattooing for over 8 years now, and he gathered most of his experience  while travelling around Europe and working alongside some of the best artist's in the industry. He loves doing black and grey and colour realism and is indeed exceptionally good in both styles. He is always opened to hear your ideas.

In his free time he likes to paint with oils and collect inspiration from other great tattoo artists and painters from around the globe. Feel free to pop in to our studio for a chat with Mate if you feel that he might be the artist you are looking for.